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Hanging, Finishing, Texturing and Painting

Drywall services for new construction, residential and commercial. Also available for repair jobs, large and small

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For all your drywall needs, RockTek's team will be there to help you with everything from hanging and finishing work like texturing or skim coating if needed! We take pride in our craftsmanship so that every client feels comfortable knowing their project was done right. 

When you need new drywall, it doesn't matter whether your job is big or small. 

Drywall Spay & Texture
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Are you looking for a drywall contractor to help with your repairs? RockTek is here! We offer hole repair, water damage restoration, and painting services. All our technicians are experts in their field so don't hesitate to call us today at 608-412-2705 . There's no need to worry about a large or small drywall repair. RockTek will be there for you with all your needs from hole repairing, to water damage repairs, and more! We also provide texture and painting services so you can have 100% of your drywall damage repaired from start to finish. 

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Available in Wisconsin & Iowa

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Professional Quality 

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Licensed &

Fully Insured

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